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We Protech Industries are Designer, Developer, Manufacturer, Supplier of Vacuum Formed / Thermoformed Trays, Blister, Automotive & Industrial Trays - ABS Industrial Pallet Tray, Precision Tray, Material Handling Trays, Auto Component Holding Trays, Bearing holding Trays, Clamshell Blister tray, Spares Parts Tray, Stationery Packaging Tray, Pharmaceutical Packaging Trays: HIP /PVC/PET Ampoule Tray, Ampoule Blister Tray, Ampoule Vial Tray, Combi Pack Trays, Injection Tray, Syringe Tray, Medical Tray. Pharmaceutical Packaging Tray. Electrical & Electronics Trays - PVC Blister, PET Blister, Conductive Tray, Antistatic Tray, Clamshell Blister Tray, Thermoformed Electronic Packaging Trays. Transparent Packaging, Conductive Bin/Crates. Food Packaging & Cosmetic Trays - Cream Roll Tray, Fruit Tray, Bakery Cake Tray, Chocolate Box, Biscuit Tray, Chicken Tray, Confectionery Packaging Tray, Fish Tray, Meal Tray, Food Packaging tray, Mushroom Packaging Tray, Plastic Food container, Plastic Food Tray, Pvc Tray, Cosmetic Containers, Cosmetic Tray, Corrugated Box, Industrial Bin / Crates, ESD / Conductive Bin, ESD Mat, Esd Gloves, Esd Apparel, Roto Pallets. and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

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